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Yoga Mandala Workshops
Yoga, Meditation & Art
Host a Workshop and participate 
for free!
Experience the exhilarating practice of Kundalini Yoga while connecting with the subtle energy centers of the body called the "Chakras". 
Meditate on creating total mind,body,spirit health & balance while enjoying a journey through the inner realms of your being. 
Create a beautiful symbolic work of art called a "Mandala" expressing your life's journey, goals & dreams 
through images, words & symbols.
Discover the world of chakras & mandalas
*Kundalini Yoga Practice
Awaken,release & balance
*Chakra Meditation
Guided chakra connection
*Create your Mandala
Design a symbolic work of art
*Circle of Expression
Goals & dreams
Program Details:
*Workshops can be custom designed
*The duration of the workshop is
 3-4 hours
*Workshops can be held at a 
variety of locations
*Cost per person - $44 
*Ask about special discounts and packages!
Call Susan at (702) 682-6119
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